Converting a Computer Power Supply Unit to a lab PSU

I converted a power supply unit originally from a desktop computer into a usable lab power supply. I connected the 3.3 volts, the 5.0 volts, and the 12.0 volts to the binding posts that were secured to the power supply case. Parts for this project included a 10 Ohms 10 Watt cermet power wirewound resistor from Radio Shack (Catalog #: 55050104) and three packs of binding posts (Catalog #: 274-662) for the voltage rails. I had ample supply of heat shrink tubing and solder on hand.

Always wear eye protection when soldering and have an open window or good ventilation to avoid rosin entering your lungs from the solder.

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  1. Darek

    Thanks. I will try this. Very well done.


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