The Best Multimeter Tutorial in The World

The Best Multimeter Tutorial in The World!

This video compares a 10 dollar to a 170 dollar multimeter and shows the average person how to use the voltage, current, resistance, continuity, diode and battery options. I also cover safety concerns and run all tests simultaneous with both multimeters.

Difference between 3 and 4 prongs on a multimeter

Tests include:
Voltage of Battery
Voltage of Outlet
–> discover something interesting in one of my outlets
–> discover a SERIOUS hazard with the 10 dollar meter
Current of a toaster
Resistor test
Metal Tape test ?
Probing a circuit board
Discovering schematic of a Emergency 4-prong switch
Conductivity of water & salt
Light bulb test (Same as a fuse test)

Funny jokes, disgusting drinks, etc.

Here is a list of other tasks that Multimeters are used for [depending on available functionality]:
–  Get voltage readings of D.C. and A.C. Readings
–  Measure current in a circuit
–  Measure resistances of resistors, circuits, wires, etc.
–  Use continuity check for fuses, wires, electronics
–  Get capacitance readings
–  Measure min/max of voltages, currents, etc.
–  Diode measurements (continuity check)


warningWarning. Improper use or failure to follow the manufactures specifications can result in a broken Multimeter, incorrect readings, damage to the device, and possible injury to yourself and others.


–  Exceeding voltage above the maximum value of the Multimeter as well as probes.
–  Attempting to measure higher current then the rated specifications. If it says 1A max, do not try to measure 1.01 Amp or 10 Amp.
–  Selecting continuity on the multimeter and randomly probing electronics or household devices.
–  Not switching test leads (probes) when switching between current and other tests such as voltage, and continuity.
–  To avoid false readings, replace multimeter batteries as soon as the battery indicator appears.
–  Keep fingers behind the test leads.


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    I have been waiting for this video. When will it be up, I am anxious to go home and try some stuff in the video

  2. jack

    Interesting. Keep up the good work Daniel

  3. Daniel D. Wilcox (Post author)

    Video is coming shortly. Just completed shooting it. Lots in it.

  4. Daniel D. Wilcox (Post author)

    Video is up!

  5. Mary Kapatrick

    Wow. This was very useful. I never though voltmeters were so handy!! Also salt water drinking was gross.


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