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12/12/2016 Make your very own Apple iPhone Lightning Dock for under $2.00! HERE

8/21/2016 VW Jetta Issues located in an area that is all to easy to “Accidentally” hit the button. This area is a high traffic for individuals to set down the phone, wallets, and heavy keys. Don’t even think about putting a child up front with those fingers.HERE

7/21/2016 How Relays Work I discuss how relays work, show example of several working, and describe the difference between SMD, Pin Through, and FRU Relays. And show a live example of one working. HERE

12.10.15 I use a Dual H-Bridge L293 I.C. to control a Bi-Polar Stepping motor for my project involing the Motroolla 68HC11. Here

12.09.15 Minion Capstone 3 – Story Elevator with Dual Independent 555 I.C. that control flashing rate. HERE

11.21.15 Motorolla 68HC11: The numbers now all display for a moment, and then a decision will be run whether at least three digits are the same. If at least numbers are the same a “fun-” is show on the LCD. I also don’t have a Schmitt trigger I.C. so I use an Arduino to act as my switch de-bouncer. HERE

11.10.15 Since the inception of micro-controllors (Digital) the bouncing of switches has become a issue to consider in the hardware or software design. Here

11.7.15 I repaired several bad wires in this wiring harness that is used for a printer. This knowledge can also be used to make a GPIO cable for the Raspberry PI. Here

11.5.15 I discuss in my podcast ways to get free electronics components. Here

11.4.15 I was ready to spend almost $200.00 on a new LCD display for my oscilloscope, but before I do that I wanted to know what was causing a dark gradient line to occur on the display. Here

11.3.15 In this video I introduce the way in which text books draw resistors. Show how they are connected in series and in parallel with each diagram showing the mathematics. Later on, I verify the mathematics for the resistor in series and in parallel by testing them on a breadboard with a multimeter. Here

11.2.15 My second podcast has been uploaded. I talk about what it takes to be a Network Engineer Contractor, how to get setup, how to choose the proper tools, how to avoid legal pitfalls and the importance of positive attitude and talking to the end users. Here

11.2.15 Some videos, including by some who know better are suggesting that the general public could replace the UPS batteries with the much larger (capacity and weight) car battery, to get a longer run time. This is just dangerous! Video Here

11.1.15 Walk into a server room and you instantly are overwhelmed with server and fan noise, a cool breeze do to the constant A.C, and a removable floor. Wait what? Removable what…? Here

11.1.15 Uploaded video “The Best Multimeter Tutorial in The World“. I cover the difference between cheap and expensive. Explain who some have three or four probe options. And show creative ways in which a multimeter can be used in everyday things, to some of the bazaar. Here

10.25.15. Kicked off my First Podcast. I interview Jenat who is a very dynamic Electrical Engineering Senior, who discusses the importance of saying well, managing stress, being a young lady amongst many men. Here

10.21.2015 Telephone 66 Block Walk-through Here

10.19.2015 Arduino Serial Monitor output with LEDs, Switches, and Potentiometer live-updates. Here

9.29.2015 I repair a Mechanical Clock with Winchester chimes (Howard Miller Wall Clock). While its monetary value is quite high, I find equal value in reparing it; and reaping the rewards 🙂 Here

9.25.2015 This is the Arduino Project for Capstone-I. This is just Part 1. Here

9.24.2015 This Arduino program simultaneous flashes three LEDs at different rates (Note not using delay()) depending on three inputs (a total combination of 8). Code included! Here.

9.20.15 I replace the foam from my worn out car base speaker. This is an easy fix that most people can do, and save $$ at the same time. Here.

9.20.15 I part out an HP Inkjet 1220c Professional Printer and discuss various electroinc gizmos inside the printer. Here.

9.17.15 I trim down an SD card for a MacBook Pro so that it can remain in the SD card slot “semi-permanently”. I can then use it as “Secondary hard drive“. Here.

9.17.15 Tour inside a PC to include its Components, System Board, Processor, PSU, RAM, BUS +… Here.

9.15.2015 Using an Arduino Mega to Build First LED Program Here.

3.7.15 How to Use a Multimeter: Basic Uses Here.

3.3.15 Added a Article: How to Study Like an Engineer Here.

3.2.15  Added a Article: Cheating and its costs located Here.

3.1.15 Created an About Me Page Here.